PaySchools is Here!

The Waverly School District is currently accepting online payments for school meal deposits ONLY. The first time you access PaySchools, you will need to register twice, creating a username and password. You will need only your username and password to access PaySchools on subsequent visits.

After you have registered in PaySchools, you will be able to check the balance in your child's lunch account and sign up for low-balance e-mail alerts. **If at anytime during the registration process you have any questions or concerns, please contact PaySchools Customer Support directly at (866) 729-5353.

Please have the student's school and student ID number available for each student before you start the PaySchools registration process.

All students in grades K-12 have an identification number assigned by the district. Students in grades 5-12 know this number as they use it to purchase meals daily. For students in grades K-4, you may contact the school office or call the District Food Service Manager, Mrs. Tammy Jones, at 565-8214 to obtain your child's ID number.

Click here for the complete PaySchools Enrollment Instructions.

Click here to go to the PaySchool Login Page.


If you receive a low email balance on the PaySchools website: You will need to disable/remove your low balance alert during the summer break to ensure low balance emails are not forwarded to your email.


If you need to deposit money on your students accounts: The PaySchools website will be available through your district website during the summer to allow deposits to be made directly on your students account. You can access PaySchools through your district website.