Wolverine Community,

Serving as the Waverly Superintendent this past year has allowed me to meet many people and to learn more about our strengths and weaknesses as we continue to build a top-notch educational program. I hope you have noticed our commitment to our community and our children. We have spent many hours partnering with the Village and other local organizations so our children can learn what it means to be a part of a community. We have focused our efforts on academic improvement and student interest. We added agriculture to our curriculum.  Next year, we will have a drone pilot school in place, as well as an emphasis on work-based learning. We have created opportunities in gaming, outdoor recreation, and summer and afterschool programing. The goal is create programming that excites students and makes them want to be a part of the Wolverine Team.

Our tax cap is estimated at 1.88 percent this year. The Board of Education will set a tax rate under that number. If they choose a 1.5 percent increase, it will raise about $105,000 in local tax revenue. This equates to about $22.50 per $100,000 of assessed value, with the average current assessment. Our budget is approximately $32.85 million for this fiscal year, which is 0.66 percent more than last year’s budget.

This year’s budget will allow us to continue to build a social emotional support system in all of our schools as our children continue to need support in this area. We will increase staffing in the area of social-emotional support and counselling, as well as elementary instruction due to class size increases. This budget will support our focus on the K-6 literacy curriculum and continued growth in the overall academic program. It also will pay down debt service on capital projects and support the maintenance of our facilities.

Along with the budget, you will elect two school board members. I appreciate all the time and effort dedicated by the members of the Board of Education to insure our school is centered on children and fiscally responsible.

Our children will decide the future of our community and we welcome your input and support as we continue to grow and develop our educational programs.  We feel we can be competitive and create increased opportunities not only for our students but also for our senior citizens and district residents.  We believe the school is the center of the community and we will continue to work at being a welcoming and supportive entity in the community. 



Eric Knolles