Wolverine Community,

The fall term is ending, and I want to update you on the goings on in your school district. The sports and band seasons are closing out with many accolades and honors for our kids and coaches. The support our kids receive from this community is amazing. It shows up in the number of fans, financial support and just genuine interest from the community and alumni. We have been fortunate to have many alumni return to visit the schools and I have been impressed with the involvement and pride they have in the Waverly Central School District.

I want to give everyone an update on our Work-Based Learning Classroom also known as the Wolverine Den. The students had the grand opening this year and it contains a full service coffee shop, technical support center, clothing and apparel branch as well as a fully functional branch of the I-R Federal Credit Union. Students work daily shifts as they develop the skills needed to work and run small businesses inside the school and later in the community. We have too many partners to list in this letter but thank you to all that have worked with our kids, attended meetings and helped create a cutting edge platform for work-place learning in the Waverly School District.

The High School has spent the last two years aggressively obtaining certifications for our teachers to develop and deliver dual enrollment courses through TC3 and CCC. Both of these community colleges have been great partners in developing pathways to college credit while in high school. These courses are 100% free to your students. There is every opportunity for your students to earn from three credits to a full associates degree while in the Waverly School System. Once again, your cost is ZERO. Please make sure our kids are taking advantage of this great opportunity. The classes are dual enrollment so they count for high school and college credit. Even if your student has no plan of entering college it is good to have these credits in case something changes in the future.

The elementary schools have been working hard to create a feeling of pride and welcoming atmosphere for the community. The festivals, open houses, and communication through the app and newsletters have been appreciated by the community. I have been impressed with the way our administrators and staff are creating schools that fit our kids. Our Waverly Village Recreation Program and our After School Reach Program are outstanding. If you are not currently involved in these programs, you need to call your principal and get information on them. If you need childcare with have an incredible group run through the school called SACC. That is a clever way to abbreviate for School Age Child Care. You can get info on it through any of our school offices.

Our Middle School is working hard on climate and attendance this year. We have seen a dramatic increase in our attendance and in our overall happiness according to surveys done with the students. This is a credit to the new admin team and staff leadership. Happy kids perform better and kids who feel like they belong come to school. Please communicate with our teachers and staff if your child is struggling. This is a critical age in the development of our young Wolverines and I want to make sure each kid gets what they need.

Once again, I want to say thank you for your support. Please let me know if you see opportunities for our Wolverines and feel free to communicate with your local schools and their leaders. We believe strongly in Kids, Community and Each Other and our role in creating a bright future for the Waverly Central School District.


Eric Knolles, Superintendent