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"Bugs Gone Wild" in the HS Hallway

Students in Mrs. Risboskin's 7th grade Technology classes completed their first marking period on Electricity & Electronics by completing the assembly and final wiring of their electronic "BUG". This take-home project moves around the floor using motors with mini-tires and have antennae switches that when hit, will spin the bug off its target and allow it to continue to run amok! Students first completed an in-depth electronic lab with their bug, and then wired, soldered, and tested their final design by having the "BUGS GONE WILD" activity in the engineering hallway of the school.

Pictured are the three Technology Classes (1st,2nd & 3rd) with their BUGS …

Mrs. MacWhinnie's 4th Grade Stop Motion Videos
view the video below.

Monarchs visit Lincoln Street School - view the video below.

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[WAVERLY, NY] (October 20, 2016) - There are some students who set the bar. They work harder, show more passion and lead by example - in the classroom, on the field and within the community. Today, Wendy's High School Heisman recognizes JONATHAN WARD from WAVERLY HIGH SCHOOL and his dedication to never cutting corners by naming him a School Winner.

Jon is the son of John and Becky Ward of Waverly. "Jon is known by his teachers and friends for his commitment to excellence in our building. We are excited and honored that a program like Wendy's High School Heisman is also recognizing his hard work. We are anxious to see him succeed through the process of this program and possibly become a state and national finalist, representing the Waverly Central School District" said Ashlee Hunt, HS Principal.

Since 1994, Wendy's and the Heisman Trophy Trust have been running the same play to perfection: honoring more than 600,000 of the nation's most esteemed students. This year, Wendy's will celebrate the accomplishments of thousands of the best high school seniors, awarding winners in five phases.

School Winners will receive a School Winner certificate and a Wendy's High School Heisman Patch. State Finalists will receive a bronze medal, a Wendy's High School Heisman State Finalist patch and a $25 gift card. From the group of State Finalists, one senior male and female will be selected from each state and announced as State Winners, going on to the national level event to be held in NYC in December, and aired live on ESPN.

For More Information, download the Media Release (PDF)

Parents of Senior Students - Download the Fall Parent Letter with information you need to know about upcoming events.

Waverly Middle School identified as Focus School by the New York State Department of Education

District officials have been notified by the New York State Department of Education that Waverly Middle School has been identified as a Focus School and the district as a Focus District due to students with disabilities not making sufficient progress on the New York State English/Language Arts and math assessments.

"It is unfortunate - but opportunistic - that the school will have this label," said Superintendent Randy Richards. "I am disappointed for the students, staff and community. However, I have been involved in similar issues before and I am confident that in the end, our educational program instruction and student learning and achievement will be better for it," Dr. Richards said.

According to Dr. Richards, the next steps in the process include an Integrated Intervention Team (IIT) from the state Education Department visiting the district in May to look at practices and determine recommendations for improvement. The IIT, using a review model, will look at broad areas including instruction, decision making processes, leadership capacity, practices and decisions, curriculum development and support, teacher practices and decisions, student social and emotional developmental health and family and community engagement. The results of the study will be used as a diagnostic tool for school improvement.

The district also has hired Education Consultant Dr. Jean Papandrea to guide the district through the review and improvement process and to work with Director of Curriculum and Instruction Georgia Weed to prepare for the review team's visit and then implement the recommendations for improving student achievement.

"This process will give us a chance to look at how we conduct business and identify those areas where we need to improve," said Dr. Richards. "I believe there is a silver lining in this cloud, as it will be a galvanizing issue that will bring our teachers, parents and community members together for the good of our students."

Upcoming Events
High School Events
December 3, 2016
Snowball 7:00 - 11:00PM
MS Gym
December 5th & 6th 2016
Parent / Teacher Conferences
December 5, 2016
Early Dismissal @ 11:30
December 5th, 6th & 9th
December 6, 2016
Community Concert 10:00AM
December 7, 2016
Grades 7-12 Band Concert 7:00PM
Boces Career Tech Ed & New Visions Presentations for 10th Grade
December 9, 2016
At the High School
December 12, 2016
Boces Visitations
December 14, 2016
Grades 7-12 Choral Concert 7:00PM
December 15, 2016
4-6 Band & Chorus Concert 7:00 P.M.
@ 7:00 PM @ HS
Elm Street Events
December 5, 2016
Parent/Teacher Conferences
11:15 dismissal
December 9, 2016
1/2 Day; 11:15 Dismissal
December 13, 2016
Gr. 2 Choral Concert 7:00 p.m.
December 15, 2016
Gr. 4-6 Band 7:00 P.M.
December 16, 2016
Report Cards Go Home
December 20, 2016
Chorus to Elderwood & Sayre House
Show Choir 1:15
Lincoln Street Events
December 5, 2016
December 8, 2016
First Grade Concert 6:00pm
Waverly HS Auditorium
December 9, 2016
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Substitutes for the following positions:
     Teacher Aides,
     Lunch Monitors,
     Food Service Workers,
     Secretaries &
     Bus Drivers

Applications available on this website under Employment

Send application to:
     David Mastrantuono,
     Director of
     Management Services
     15 Frederick Street,
     Waverly NY 14892

Waverly Central School District Beliefs
Children are our first priority and every decision and action must be based on their needs.

We believe …
      learning is a life-long process where high expectations, attainable goals, and academic needs are supported and where hard work is rewarded.

We believe …
      promoting the alliance of home, school, and community advances student success.

We believe …
      encouraging flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking helps students become critical problem solvers.

We believe …
      integrating modern technology and other resources prepares students for the future.

We believe …
      cultivating active, open and ongoing relationships with business and agency partners enhance student learning.

We believe …
      fostering enthusiasm for co-curricular activities encourages social and academic growth.

Waverly School District Goals
1. Graduation Rate Goals:
By June 2018 and thereafter, increase the graduation rate to 100%.

By June 2018 and thereafter, increase and maintain the percentage of students who are receiving Regents diploma with advanced designation from 34% in 2015 to 10% above the statewide average in 2018.

2. Student Achievement Goals:
By June 2018, increase academic achievement of all students through challenging and engaging curricula, effective instruction, and aligned assessments as measured by the NYS and local assessments.

By June 2018, address the needs of the whole child through challenging and engaging curricula, effective instruction, and aligned assessments engaging students in visual/performing arts, physical education, career/technical education, and life skills to help achieve personal success as measured by local assessments and participation rates.

3. Culture and Climate Goals:
By June 2018, students and families feel connected with and supported by the school as measured by a district-wide climate survey.

By June 2018, ensure that all schools, district departments and the Board of Education connect with all students and families as measured by a district-wide climate survey, student and family involvement, and attendance, dropout and suspension data.

4. Finance Goals:
By June 2018, generate and equitably allocate resources for programs and services that enable every student to succeed as measured by percentage of spending per student compared to BOCES region and state average.

By June 2018, educate the community to be advocates for public education as measured by the district-wide climate survey and by promoting positive press.

5. Family and Community:
By June 2018, increase number of community partnerships directly tied to service-based learning, job opportunities, and student leadership as measured by the number/types of partnerships, students involved, and the district-wide climate survey.

6. Extra-Curricular Activities Goal:
By June 2018, increase number of clubs/activities to engage all students, increase school spirit and address the needs of the whole child as measured by number and range of offerings.