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Waverly Middle School students participate in Girls in Engineering event

Nine students from Waverly Middle School and their chaperone, Technology Teacher Toni Risboskin, recently attended Lockheed Martin's Girls in Engineering event. They were joined by 140 other girls from 10 middle schools in the Southern Tier.

The annual event is designed to allow female students to have fun while learning more about STEM subjects including science, technology, engineering and math. The day included hands-on projects in rocket design, electric circuits and mechanical gears, as well as an in-depth tour of the helicopter hangar. Female engineers from Lockheed Martin and engineering students from SUNY Binghamton's Society of Women Engineers' organization served as tour guides. Presentations and project support were provided by Lockheed Martin engineers and representatives from the Kopernik Observatory and Science Center.

"The students had a fun and exciting day learning about engineering and other related STEM careers," said Mrs. Risboskin.

Waverly fall athletic teams named NYS Scholar Teams

Six of Waverly's fall Varsity athletic teams recently were named Scholar Teams by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA). To qualify for this honor, teams must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 90 percent. Scholar teams were:

Girls Soccer, with a 96.069 GPA, including Cassandra Bowman, Jamie Hand, Wendi Hammond, Stephanie Hyland, Alexa Kline, Morgan Kline, Zoe Mennig, Lauren Newman, Elle Nittinger, Melina Ortiz, Kate Oteng-Bediako, Capria Picco, Alex Tomasso and Kari VanAllen.

Girls Swimming, with a 96.005 GPA, including Tiffany Czebiniak, Abigail Durgin, Skylar Harford, Starr Harford, Justice Johnson, Lillian Keefer, Madison Kittle, Taylor Knight, Shailei Kraft, Julianne Lee, Paige Miller, Hailey Onofre, Rubina Tracy and Kennedy Wheeler.

Girls Cross Country, with a 95.967 GPA Elizabeth Fritzen, Haley Judge, Zoe Lunduski, Alyssa Simonetti, Sheridan Talada, Sidney Tomasso, Reagan Vaughn and Elexes Westervelt.

Girls Volleyball, with a 94.431 GPA, including Brooke Bennett, Kendra Ellers, Kathryn Goodwin, Fallon Huck, Lyndsey Moore, Sydney Meyers, Hannah Place and Karleigh VanNess.

Boys Cross Country, with a 93.431 GPA, including Chris Johnson, Mike LaRock, Zach Lockwood, Nate Mattison, Jared Vascoe, Dylan Ward and Collin Wright.

Football, with a 91.106 GPA, including Josh Alamo, Nate Bennett, Dan Blackman, Keilen Carpenter, Shane Carpenter, Jacob Goble, Dalton Loper, Mark McGill, Josh Mastrantuono, Zachary Moore, Brendyn Stillman and Garrett Sutryk.

Fun project teaches about electronics

Waverly Middle School students in Toni Risboskin's seventh-grade technology classes recently completed an in-depth study of electricity and electronics in which they created electronic "bugs." During the electronics lab, students assembled, soldered, wired and tested their insect-shaped motorized vehicles. The final activity included a Bugs Gone Wild event that sent the bugs skittering across the floor of the engineering hallway as the bugs' antennae switches were hit, spinning them off target.

Calendar Change:
Waverly Central School District will be in full session for all students in all grades during the January Regents from January 26, 2016 through January 29, 2016.
Early Release Days
Kyle Ackland named Technology Director

The Waverly Central School District is pleased to announce that Kyle Ackland has been appointed as the new Technology Director for the district.

Ackland, an employee of GST BOCES who is assigned to the Waverly school district, has served as a LAN technician since January 2009 and was responsible for the installation and maintenance of all district hardware and software. Ackland previously served as a network technician in the United States Air Force.

"Kyle combined great technical knowledge with superior people skills, making him a great IT specialist," said Waverly Superintendent Randy Richards. "He earned his advancement to technology director and will provide strong leadership during a time of great growth in the use of instructional technology in the district as it advances the 21st century learning of its students and supports the faculty and staff through several important technological initiatives."

According to Richards, this growth includes a $1.6 million SMART Bond initiative, reconstruction of the current Middle/High School library into a Learning Commons model, increased STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs for students, and the implementation of Microsoft SharePoint as a learning management system for students and staff, combined with an aggressive rollout of hardware devices.

Ackland earned his Master of Science in Information Technology Management from Elmira College in May. He interviewed for his new position as part of a search process conducted by Steve Manning, manager of GST BOCES Computer Services. The appointment is unique in that Kyle replaces his father, David Ackland, also a BOCES employee who retired as Waverly's Technology Director after 38 years of service, 20 of which were as the directory of technology.

"Dave also provided excellent service to the district as Technology Director and because of his hard work, the district under Kyle's leadership is positioned to greatly enhance the use of technology," said Richards. "Many of the procedures and systems he implemented were the envy of other local school districts. Dave took the district from ground zero to it's current status and laid a great foundation."

GST BOCES will conduct a new search process to replace the LAN Technician position vacated by Kyle.

Waverly science students enjoy ice cream-making lab experiment

Students in Ann Phinney-Foreman's chemistry classes at Waverly High School recently learned how properties of matter change as they enjoyed an ice cream-making lab. Using supplies donated by the Cornell Center for Material Science Outreach Program, students measured and mixed cream, sugar and vanilla into glass bowls. Mrs. Phinney-Foreman then poured liquid nitrogen over the mixture and students stirred until ice cream formed.

After enjoying their homemade ice cream, students watched as Mrs. Phinney-Foreman conducted other experiments including freezing a banana in the liquid nitrogen until it was hard enough to drive a nail into a piece of wood and demonstrating how a racquet ball bounces at room temperature but shatters instead of bounces after being frozen in the liquid nitrogen.

Waverly facilities project completes track renovation, other projects

This fall, students, staff and community members have enjoyed using the recently-renovated track at Waverly High School. The renovations were part of a $4.6 million project approved by voters in the spring of 2014. Work included the removal of the old surface, milling of the top coat and replacement of the asphalt, top coat, all-weather surface and lanes. A new timing system, bleachers, fencing and track equipment such as hurdles and high jump and pole vault mats also were included in the project. The old bleachers from the track area were re-purposed by maintenance workers who split them into two sections and added railings so they could be used at the baseball and softball fields. In addition, the old stadium scoreboard was refurbished and moved to the track.

Other components of the first phase of the project included work on Lincoln Street School's parking lots on Liberty and Center Streets. Work included new student drop off and pick up lanes, as well as sidewalk work and paint striping.

Finally, an emergency project at Lincoln Street School replaced the partition that separates the gym and cafeteria. The partition was original to the building, which was built in the 1960s, and could no longer be maintained after it became non-operational due to lack of available parts.

"The district received emergency state aid to purchase and install a new partition," said Director of Management Services Dave Mastrantuono. "This was a critical project because when the multipurpose space is divided, physical education classes can take place on one side while students eat lunch in the cafeteria on the other side."

Photos included are of the new track and bleachers; re-purposed scoreboard, new mats and bleachers; new parking lot and sidewalks at Lincoln Street and the old track bleachers re-purposed to be used at the baseball and softball fields. Click each image to view a larger version.



Substitutes for the following positions:
     Teachers, Teacher Aides, Lunch Monitors,
     Cleaners, Maintenance, Secretaries & Bus Drivers

Applications available on this website under Employment

Send application to:
     David Mastrantuono, Director of Management Services
     15 Frederick Street, Waverly NY 14892

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Waverly Central School District Beliefs
Children are our first priority and every decision and action must be based on their needs.

We believe …
      learning is a life-long process where high expectations, attainable goals, and academic needs are supported and where hard work is rewarded.

We believe …
      promoting the alliance of home, school, and community advances student success.

We believe …
      encouraging flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking helps students become critical problem solvers.

We believe …
      integrating modern technology and other resources prepares students for the future.

We believe …
      cultivating active, open and ongoing relationships with business and agency partners enhance student learning.

We believe …
      fostering enthusiasm for co-curricular activities encourages social and academic growth.

Waverly School District Goals
1. Graduation Rate Goals:
By June 2018 and thereafter, increase the graduation rate to 100%.

By June 2018 and thereafter, increase and maintain the percentage of students who are receiving Regents diploma with advanced designation from 34% in 2015 to 10% above the statewide average in 2018.

2. Student Achievement Goals:
By June 2018, increase academic achievement of all students through challenging and engaging curricula, effective instruction, and aligned assessments as measured by the NYS and local assessments.

By June 2018, address the needs of the whole child through challenging and engaging curricula, effective instruction, and aligned assessments engaging students in visual/performing arts, physical education, career/technical education, and life skills to help achieve personal success as measured by local assessments and participation rates.

3. Culture and Climate Goals:
By June 2018, students and families feel connected with and supported by the school as measured by a district-wide climate survey.

By June 2018, ensure that all schools, district departments and the Board of Education connect with all students and families as measured by a district-wide climate survey, student and family involvement, and attendance, dropout and suspension data.

4. Finance Goals:
By June 2018, generate and equitably allocate resources for programs and services that enable every student to succeed as measured by percentage of spending per student compared to BOCES region and state average.

By June 2018, educate the community to be advocates for public education as measured by the district-wide climate survey and by promoting positive press.

5. Family and Community:
By June 2018, increase number of community partnerships directly tied to service-based learning, job opportunities, and student leadership as measured by the number/types of partnerships, students involved, and the district-wide climate survey.

6. Extra-Curricular Activities Goal:
By June 2018, increase number of clubs/activities to engage all students, increase school spirit and address the needs of the whole child as measured by number and range of offerings.