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Waverly School District has completed the inspection of all schools and buildings in accordance with the laws regarding asbestos as a potential health hazard for students, employees, and visitors. Also, a management plan has been developed in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, which includes training of maintenance staff for safe handling, periodic re-inspection, surveillance and limited abatement by trained personnel. A copy of this management plan is available upon request by contacting Dave Mastrantuono at (607) 565-2841 ext. 1036

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April 30, 2021  

Wow, it was a week. No snow, some sun, bunch of wind and a little sleet. Oh, I forgot the big moon. I had the chance to work with our state rep for special education yesterday and she raved about the improvements they have seen in our schools over the last few years. Inclusive practices are becoming a reality. Congratulations to all our staff for this work. Valued, it is an important word. I think kids learn better when they feel like they are in a safe place, where people care about them. I think the same can be said about employees, people who feel safe and feel like they belong, work better.

I was at the State Line Auction with the Winner’s Circle this morning and had the opportunity to talk to the public. Again people talked about how impressed they were with the performance of the staff and the school during the Pandemic. It is usually the same comment, “You guys did it!” I had to knock on wood. We still have 8 weeks to go and the numbers in the village are still high. No one ever won a cross country race by stopping before the finish line. There have been some updated changes as we move forward from NYS. I have attached a copy of the adapted CDC guidance for vaccinated persons.

Our seniors are getting ready to hit the home stretch. We have day trips scheduled for them, a prom scheduled and graduation scheduled. There are of course guidelines (after 14 months I really hate the word…guidelines). We will continue to go to school, participate in music, art, internships, WBL and athletics and do the things that make this place special.

Here are few items:
  1. Tioga County wants to bring Pfizer vaccine to Waverly for 16-18 students. Ashlee sent out 222 emails to find out (yes or no) if people are interested. She had received less than 30 replies. Students who are 16 or 17 will need parental permission. It is also important for students to see if their college is going to mandate vaccination for next year so we are not scrambling next year. Please respond to Ashlee Hunts email with a simple yes or no.
  2. We have adjusted with the region to the 6 foot contact tracing zone. This does cause us some issues as we are doing synchronous and asynchronous at times. At the elementary level we are still putting out some whole classes because they interact all day in a space. Our older kids often do not interact much. The County has been working well with us and we continue to do the best we can with the guidelines. Keep moving forward!
I am just as ready for Friday as you are so I am cutting it short today. Have a great weekend. Get out to our sports and watch our kids compete and put a spotlight on the W.

Kids, Community and Each Other,

Dr. Eric Knolles

Waverly CSD Superintendent of Schools
Inspire. Educate. Learn. Succeed. Grow.

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