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Waverly School District has completed the inspection of all schools and buildings in accordance with the laws regarding asbestos as a potential health hazard for students, employees, and visitors. Also, a management plan has been developed in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, which includes training of maintenance staff for safe handling, periodic re-inspection, surveillance and limited abatement by trained personnel. A copy of this management plan is available upon request by contacting Dave Mastrantuono at (607) 565-2841 ext. 1036

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A student at Elm takes a COVID Screening.
November 13, 2020  
Wolverine Team,

It has been a crazy 40 hours since the Governor identified the Village of Waverly as a Yellow Zone. We have been working around the clock to get the testing supplies, training, and licenses needed to keep our kids in school and our community safe. We will be operating remotely on Monday for all students. This allows the schools to prepare to deliver rapid COVID tests on Tuesday. Here are a few key points.

  1. Fill out COVID-19 testing permission slips. (I forgot mine this morning for Abbey. Whoops...)
  2. Talk to your child about lower nasal testing.
  3. We are going to let students and adults self-administer where appropriate.
  4. I will notify everyone on Monday, if we will be attending school in person on Tuesday. We will use the Wolverine App and the all call system to make the announcement.
  5. Stay positive and stay committed to your child's education. We only get one shot at this for our kids.
  6. Make sure your student logs in on Monday. This is not a vacation day.
The tests and PPE were just delivered to the District Office. Thank you to Tioga County Emergency Management. The Waverly CSD owes a big thank you to the Guthrie Clinic, specifically the lab and its Director and the Director of Operations. We would not be able to move forward without them. We are still awaiting word from the County that we have met all the hurdles placed in front of us, but we are very close. The County Health Department and Legislature has been involved throughout this process.

In other news, the Wolverines were informed of a positive COVID-19 Test in our 5th grade about 45 minutes ago. We will be placing those students and their teacher on remote learning for the duration of the quarantine. The room has been closed and the students and teacher have all been notified. Please watch to see if your child has any symptoms and see your health care provider if they do.

Please stay at home if you have any cold/flu symptoms and take advantage of the free testing this weekend at the Kmart Plaza if you need it. We appreciate all the support shown by our community as we continue to work through the pandemic. Please call or email your building administrators if you have questions.

Kids, Community, and Each Other

Dr. Eric Knolles

Waverly CSD Superintendent of Schools
Inspire. Educate. Learn. Succeed. Grow.

November 11, 2020  
Wolverine Team,

Today at the Governor's Press Conference the Village of Waverly was designated a Yellow Warning Zone. A Yellow Zone has implications for our community and our school district. I want to make sure we are all on the same page.

1. Waverly Central School District starts as a Yellow Zone school on Monday, 11/16/2020. Students should come to school tomorrow and Friday to prepare for a potential virtual learning environment on Monday.

2. Waverly Central School District can open to students if we are capable of testing 20% of our onsite population weekly. Our district would have to test about 320 people between staff and students each week. We are dependent on the state for test kits and a local laboratory to partner with to make this happen.

3. We built a testing plan two weeks ago and will be sending out permission slips for a lower nasal swab rapid test. Our school nurses went to observe the testing being done by the Elmira School District last week. I have taken the test. The test is gentle because the swab does not penetrate the nasal cavity. If you choose not to grant permission for your child to be tested, your child will be moved to the WAVE virtual learning academy per the Tioga County Health Department.

4. Corning-Painted Post School District was in the same situation two weeks ago and was removed from the Yellow Zone list this week. I believe we are capable of doing the same.

5. We will have a better idea of our testing capabilities after discussions with the Guthrie and Tioga County Health Department. The decision to stay in person or to move to virtual will be decided by Friday, so teachers and students are ready for either instructional method

This is the Valley. We have been through floods, recessions, depressions and pandemics before. Waverly has great teachers, flexible administration, amazing kids, great technology assets and a resilient community. We will make this work for kids. At the same time we will work together to get our numbers down in the community. Life is complicated enough right now without adding the Governor's Zones into it. Stay strong, work together, and email your questions to your building leaders.

Kids, Community, and Each Other

Dr. Eric Knolles

Waverly CSD Superintendent of Schools
Inspire. Educate. Learn. Succeed. Grow.

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