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Waverly School District has completed the inspection of all schools and buildings in accordance with the laws regarding asbestos as a potential health hazard for students, employees, and visitors. Also, a management plan has been developed in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, which includes training of maintenance staff for safe handling, periodic re-inspection, surveillance and limited abatement by trained personnel. A copy of this management plan is available upon request by contacting Dave Mastrantuono at (607) 565-2841 ext. 1036

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Updated Information from Our Superintendent.

October 27, 2020  
Wolverine Team,

The beautiful weather is a nice reprieve from the stress of the current situation. I want to again thank everyone for the flexibility they have shown as we continue to move pieces around to keep things running safely. Parents, staff and children have been amazing and I hope we all appreciate each other. This is the ultimate team event right now, and everyone matters. Special shout out to custodial who has our buildings super safe and clean. We really appreciate you.

I sent an email yesterday on the status of the Chemung County Schools. Our students who attend BOCES will be in a remote learning situation for the next two weeks. Mrs. Hunt and Mr. Alo are working on internship opportunities for these kids now in our district and Village. We should have placements by early next week so our kids can continue to have real world learning experiences. Our students in special placements will also be virtual. If you are not contacted about your individual learning plan, reach out to the special education office, 607-565-8101. This situation may go on for a while until we get the current spike under control.

Tioga County is in danger of going into a yellow zone. I want to take a second to encourage everyone to follow the DOH directives for hand washing, social distance, masking and gatherings. If our district is shut down, it will because we have too many staff out on precautionary quarantine or we are placed in a yellow zone and have no ability to test 20% of our staff and students. Currently our system is holding and our kids are learning. Let’s do everything we can to keep moving forward.

I toured all the schools this week. Our kids have the best technology resources they can get. We have more devices coming in to augment those that are aging out and all the software is up and running. We have staff coming in and out of precautionary quarantines as well as kids. It has not stopped us. Kids and staff are managing it well with support. I want to send a special thank you to our admin team that gets emergency meeting notices from my office almost daily and drops everything to solve the most recent problem.

Special thanks to the Village of Waverly, Guthrie Clinic and Tioga County Legislature for working to bring NYS DOH testing to the Village this week. This was not an easy task and we appreciate the efforts put in to provide our community with these resources. Stay safe, stay strong and stay together. Lets go!

Kids, Community, and Each Other

Dr. Eric Knolles

Waverly CSD Superintendent of Schools
Inspire. Educate. Learn. Succeed. Grow.

Upcoming Events
District Events
November 12, 2020
Board of Education Meeting 6 pm
You may attend in person or attend by Zoom. Please contact Michelle Keene at for Zoom participation information or call 607-565-2841 Ext. 1030.
High School Events
November 6, 2020
Sports Physicals 2:00PM - 5:00PM
November 12, 2020
WAVE Students Picture Day 4:30-6:30PM
HS Gym
November 13, 2020
Sports Physicals 12:30PM - 5:00PM
November 17, 2020
Sports Physicals 2:00PM - 5:00PM
November 18, 2020
Schol Pictures
Grades 9-12
Middle School Events
November 12, 2020
WAVE Individual Pictures 4:30-6:00
November 17, 2020
MS Individual Photos
Elm Street Events
November 2, 2020
ESPG Meeting 6:00 P.M.
November 11, 2020
Veteran's Day
No School
November 12, 2020
Individual Student Pictures
Lincoln Street Events
November 10, 2020
Individual Pictures
November 12, 2020
WAVE Individual Pictures 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Located at the High School in Auditorium
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Substitutes for the following positions:
     Teacher Aides,
     Lunch Monitors,
     Food Service Workers,
     Secretaries &
     Bus Drivers

Applications available on this website under Employment

Send application to:
     Eric Knolles,
     15 Frederick Street,
     Waverly NY 14892

Waverly Central School District Beliefs
Children are our first priority and every decision and action must be based on their needs.

We believe …
      learning is a life-long process where high expectations, attainable goals, and academic needs are supported and where hard work is rewarded.

We believe …
      promoting the alliance of home, school, and community advances student success.

We believe …
      encouraging flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking helps students become critical problem solvers.

We believe …
      integrating modern technology and other resources prepares students for the future.

We believe …
      cultivating active, open and ongoing relationships with business and agency partners enhance student learning.

We believe …
      fostering enthusiasm for co-curricular activities encourages social and academic growth.