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Waverly School District has completed the inspection of all schools and buildings in accordance with the laws regarding asbestos as a potential health hazard for students, employees, and visitors. Also, a management plan has been developed in compliance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, which includes training of maintenance staff for safe handling, periodic re-inspection, surveillance and limited abatement by trained personnel. A copy of this management plan is available upon request by contacting Dave Mastrantuono at (607) 565-2841 ext. 1036

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Greetings Parents and Caregivers,
Please submit the census for each child that lives in your household. The answers to the census are essential for us for reopening our schools this fall. Waverly Schools will have two options for attending school this year an in-person/hybrid model to begin the school year or a 100% virtual learning model. In order to plan for both models, we need to know which option parents will be choosing for each child in their household. You may participate in the census by following the link below:

Please remember to complete the census for each child that lives in your home.
In addition, the Waverly CSD Reopening Plan has been posted here. Please reach out to us if you need clarifications, have concerns or questions. We appreciate your support and feedback.
Let's go Wolverines!

July 24, 2020  
Wolverine Family,

It has been a busy week at the Wolverine Central School District. We have been meeting with stakeholders on the creation of three re-opening plans for the start of school. Our goal is and always been to return our kids to school in a safe and consistent manner. The Governor has announced that he will be deciding the re-opening of schools on August 1st. Many thanks to all of you who gave up time and sleep to put our plan together.

Depending on the Governors decision on August 1 our school will start either virtually, hybrid (50% capacity) or 100% on-site September 8. I presented a plan last night to the BOE. The plan is based on cohorts, social distancing, health, safety, and social-emotional connections between staff, students and families. I am attaching a link to this document. The week of August 3 a census will go out to all families to certify if your child will be attending in person or virtually, needs transportation, needs childcare, has health issues, etc...

If approved, our plan is to run at 50% capacity for two weeks while we address transportation, health and safety concerns, cohorts and staffing. The students will be assigned odd or even day schedules. School hours for students will be approximately 7:30-1:00 with afternoon childcare available on site through REACH or the SAC program. Every student will alternate between a virtual day and an onsite day. We will assess during the second week to see if we can go completely onsite starting September 21. If we return 100%, we will remain on the block schedule and the times will remain constant.

The Governor has clarified his mandates on masks for schools. Students and staff must wear masks unless they can be social distanced. Social distance is six feet. If students are social distanced they can unmask. Our goal is to have all our classroom spaces social distanced. If students are in a situation where they cannot social distance the mandate states that they be given frequent mask breaks.

Students and drivers are required to wear masks on buses. If a student has a medical reason that has been verified by the district health coordinator other arrangements will be made. Please make us aware of any issues you will be facing by filling out the census.

WAVE (Waverly Academy for Virtual Education) We are creating a virtual academy option for students who are unable or not ready to return to onsite schooling. It will be a cyber-version of our onsite programing with some limiting factors. Our goal is to meet all families where they are and meet the education needs of our Wolverines, both onsite and virtually.

Mandates dictate that attendance must be taken daily for onsite and virtual learning. The education must be standards-based and graded.

The plan we are going to execute is a living document. We will be making adjustments and changes as we go forward. Open lines of communication, understanding and patience are going to be a key as we make sure every child and family gets what they need. My door is always open and I encourage you to contact your building administrators if you have questions or ideas as this situation evolves.

Let's Go,

Eric Knolles

Inspire. Educate. Learn. Succeed. Grow.


Please read the memo (click to download) for details on the Summer Home Delivery. In short, Families who sign up in advance will receive meals for one week, which will include 7 breakfasts and 7 lunches, per child, ages 18 and younger. Deliveries will begin WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24. There will ne NO LOCAL PICKUP. If you would like meals, you will need to use the link below to sign up.

Budget News! The Waverly Budget Newsletter is available
by clicking [ HERE ].

View the Pre-Construction Notice for upcoming projects at Lincoln Street School and the Junior/High School
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Schools and Closed and you need Internet Access? These two companies would like to help.
Empire Access offers Free Internet to Students Press Release Download (PDF)
Beginning Monday, March 16th, Spectrum will provide free broadband internet access for 60 days to families with K-12 students who do not already have Spectrum internet service.

This offer does not apply to areas where Spectrum is not available.

To receive 60 days of free internet service please call:


Waverly Central Schools Shut Down Until April 14th - see the message below for details.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear Waverly Central School District families,

Suspension of Classroom and Extracurricular Functions
Under advisement of the New York State Department of Health and by order of Tioga County, regarding the suspension of all classroom and extra-curricular functions for prevention efforts against COVID-19, the Waverly Central School District will be closed for students beginning Monday, March 16 through and including, Monday, April 13. All district buildings will be open between 11am-1pm on Sunday, March 15th and Monday, March 16th, for parents and/or students to collect personal belongings and educational learning materials. If, at the end of this closure, the situation is deemed clear by health officials, students will report on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.

We anticipate Monday, April 13, 2020 will now be a Superintendent's Conference Day. Staff only will report on Monday, April 13th. (NO student attendance).

Food Service Information
Pre-packaged breakfast and lunch will be available at the High School campus for pick-up, Monday, March 16th from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Children who are enrolled in the Waverly Central School District, along with their siblings, age 18 or under, that reside in the same household, are eligible to participate. The remainder of the closure, from Tuesday, March 17-April 13, (Monday through Friday) distribution of breakfast and lunch will be provided by the district.

Thank you for your patience as we flush out some small changes in our systems! There are a couple updates we would like to make our community aware of with regards to meal distribution:
  1. The Broad Street Location has moved. It will now be located just outside the Five Star Apartments, across from Spaulding Street. The time of pickup remains the same. Anyone who had home delivery at this location will now be able to go just outside their building and grap meals.
  2. Those needing home delivery must request their meal by 10:00pm the night before delivery. Unfortuanately, due to the volume of meals being prepared each day, we need time to fill the orders as they come in.
  3. The Lowman Park and Ride Location will be changing to the bottom of Roberts Hollow Road, beside the Holley Park Mailboxes.
  4. For those needing home delivery, please remember that it is for people who do not have the ability to get to a site for pickup. If you are capable of getting to a local pickup site, please do so. For your convenience, we have enclosed the sites again and corresponding times.
Detailed information regarding food distribution will also be available on the District's website.

More Information
In the next few days, we will be following up with information for staff and parents regarding educational programming and other important items regarding this closure. Please use the district website and Waverly Schools app (through Apple and Android app store) for the most up to date information.

Thank you for the support as we prioritize the safety of everyone in our community. We encourage everyone to take precautions during this time by reducing travel, maintaining social distance, and practicing good hygiene. Take care of and help one another.
Inspire. Educate. Learn. Succeed. Grow.
Download the COVID-19 Parent Handbook from the NASP

Click Here For COVID-19 Information From The Tioga County Department of Health.

School Board Election 2020:
There will be two open seats for Board of Education members for five-year terms running from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2025. If interested, download and print the forms below or pick up a packet from Michelle Keene, District Clerk, at Waverly Central School District Administrative offices at 15 Frederick Street, Waverly NY.

Nominating Petitions must be completed and filed with the District Clerk by April 20, 2020. If you have any questions, call Michelle Keene, District Clerk, at 607-565-2841 Ext. 1030.

Download PDF - Board of Education Nomination Packet 2020
Download PDF - Information Packet 2020

Upcoming Events


Substitutes for the following positions:
     Teacher Aides,
     Lunch Monitors,
     Food Service Workers,
     Secretaries &
     Bus Drivers

Applications available on this website under Employment

Send application to:
     Eric Knolles,
     15 Frederick Street,
     Waverly NY 14892

Waverly Central School District Beliefs
Children are our first priority and every decision and action must be based on their needs.

We believe …
      learning is a life-long process where high expectations, attainable goals, and academic needs are supported and where hard work is rewarded.

We believe …
      promoting the alliance of home, school, and community advances student success.

We believe …
      encouraging flexibility, creativity, and risk-taking helps students become critical problem solvers.

We believe …
      integrating modern technology and other resources prepares students for the future.

We believe …
      cultivating active, open and ongoing relationships with business and agency partners enhance student learning.

We believe …
      fostering enthusiasm for co-curricular activities encourages social and academic growth.